Nicarbazine + Maduramycin Premix(8%+0.75%, 12.5%+1%)

Anti-coccidiosis, for the prevention of chicken coccidiosis.



Nicarbazine+Maduramycin Ammonium Premix

(Feed additives, not for human/ medicinal use, for use in animal feed only)

Active Ingredient: Nicarbazine and Maduramycin Ammonium Specification: Nicarbazine+Maduramycin Ammonium Premix(8%+0.75%, 12.5%+1%)

Characteristics: Yellow or yellow-green granular.


Anti-coccidiosis, for the prevention of chicken coccidiosis.


Maduramycin Ammonium plays a role in the 48h before coocidia’s asexual reproduction, killing coccidia’s sporozoite, trophozoites and the first generation schizonts. It could disrupt membrane’s active transport capacity of Na+ and K+ in coccidia, to make coccidia energy lacking and death. Nicarbazine kills the second-generation schizonts and trophozoites, reducing intestinal cell damage. The two ingredients have different pharmacological effects and they will have a pecial anti-coccidia effect when using together.


- This product is highly toxic, so forbid using in other animals in addition to chicken.

- The safe range of this product is narrow. And it will inhibit the growth of broiler chickens if feed concentration of Maduramycin is more than 6 mg/kg.

- Forbid using in laying chicken.

- Be more careful when using in the high temperature season.

- Forbid using directly. It should be made into premix or solution, and mixed evenly with feed before using.

Withdrawal Period: 9 days.

Package: 25 kg/bag.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, in sealed or closed container.

Expiry: Two years.