Monensin Sodium + Nicarbazine Premix(8%+8%)

Anti-coccidiosis, for the prevention of chicken coccidiosis.



Monensin Sodium+ Nicarbazine Premix

(Feed additives, not for human/ medicinal use, for use in animal feed only)

Specifications: Monensin sodium 8%+ Nicarbazine 8%


Green-brown granular.


Anti-coccidiosis, for the prevention of chicken coccidiosis.


This product is a coccidiostat containing the active ingredients monensin and nicarbazine. The combined strength of the innophore monensine and the chemical nicarbazine leads to a unique new product in coccidiosis control.

This product is effective against coccodiosis caused by Eimeria tenella, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. maxima, E.necatrix, E. mitis and E. praecox affecting chickens for  fattening, and chickens reared for laying and against Eimeria gallopavonis, E. meleagridis, E. dispersa,  E. adenoeides and E. meleagrimitis affecting turkeys.


Mixed Feeding. Recommended Dosage:

Animal Species

Minimum and Maximum content in

 complete feeding stuff(ppm)

Minimum and Maximum quantituy

 in feed(g/ ton)

Maximum age

Broiler chicken

40- 50

500- 625


Rearing chicken

40- 50

500- 625

16 weeks


40- 50

500- 625

16 weeks


- Forbid using in other animals in addition to chicken.

- Dangerous for equines. Do not feed to laying chickens.

- Avoid simultaneous administration with tiamulin and monitor for possible adverse reactions when used concurrently with  other medicinal substances.

- Do not administer to chickens reared for laying over 16 weeks of age.

- Do not administer to turkeys over 16 weeks of age. Do not feed undiluted to animals.

- Poultry should not be treated with Tiamulin for at least seven days before or after receiving feed containing this product.

Withdrawal Period: 9 days.

Package: 25 kg/bag.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, in sealed or closed container.

Expiry: Two years.